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Fans awaiting arrival of celebrities at TIFF 2014, photo by Ger Zielinski, Creative Commons Attribution CC BY-NC licence.
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Ger Zielinski’s Reflections on the Proliferation of Online Film Festivals during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

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Fabian Winter über Archive als content supplier für Instagram und Wissenschaft

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Julian Hanich on Covid-19, Momentous Events and a Not so Rare Phenomenon in Historical Reception Studies

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Feng-Mei Heberer Reflecting on Teaching in the Time of Corona

Photo by CDC on Unsplash
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Der Open-Media-Studies-Blog lädt ein zu Beiträgen zum Thema Open Science und Open Access in Zeiten von Corona

Screenshot of Let's Share Books sharing the collection of digitised (Post-)Yugoslav social theory and history on the open internet through the Memory of the World website (http://kok.memoryoftheworld.)
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An Essay by Marcell Mars, Manar Zarroug and Tomislav Medak

Foto von Efes Kitap über pixabay, Creative Commons CC0
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Stephanie Herzog und Vera Butz über Open-Access-Typen aus Sicht einer wissenschaftlichen Serviceeinrichtung