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Postkoloniale Sichtbarkeiten

Durch Deleuzes Methode inspirierte Fragen

Abstract (Deutsch)

Postcolonial Visibilities. Questions Inspired by Deleuze's Method.

Beyond the popular reading of Discipline and Punish as a treatise on surveillance, what can Foucault’s work on visibility teach us in a postcolonial world? In reference to Deleuze and Helen Grace as well as Foucault, this essay considers questions of visibility in the contemporary, global terrain of image-capturing and redemption. In particular, it asks what happens when the crucial element of time lag collapses – when images, in which past events are supposedly recorded, become instantaneous with actual happenings.

Bevorzugte Zitationsweise:

Chow, Rey: Postkoloniale Sichtbarkeiten. Durch Deleuzes Methode inspirierte Fragen. In: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft. Jg. 5, Heft 09 (2/2013): Werbung, 132–145. DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.25969/mediarep/937.

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